Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gap Introduces "Gap My Price" Campaign

Gap has a created a 'Gap My Price' campaign where customers can check out the merchandise online, name their price and either receive exclusive coupons or end up winning the offer. The clothing store has started promoting this new campaign on their Twitter & Facebook pages directing everyone to Gap isn't new to offering deals on their social network sites. In fact, they are constantly offering discount codes redeemable at the check out counter. Remember their Reindeer campaign offering discounts back in December? Yet this will be the first promotion customers will actually be able to name their price. This Groupon meets eBay type of exchange could create a new type of purchasing. Everyone loves a good deal, which is why Groupon & Living Social are doing so well. Do you think other brands will capitalize on this deal saving trend and offer a name your price experience as well?


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